Russian Language Courses

Why it is important to choose our Russian Language Courses:

Our Courses:

  • Variety of curricula which allows to choose appropriate and effective way to learn;
  • The most efficient teaching methodology provides opportunities to develop all language skills:
    • speaking, listening, writing and reading;
  • Flexible schedules of lessons will be compatible with your schedule of study or work;
  • The prices of lessons provide favorable opportunities for learning;
  • Working in small groups guarantees an attention and carefulness to every student;
  • Groups are formed according to the level of language proficiency and personal needs;
  • The training material includes topics relevant to our students' needs;
  • Learning materials are included in the course fee;
  • At the end of the course the listeners are issued with certificate of completion;
  • Software quality and efficiency are based on many years of working experience in achieving the best results;
  • Russian language learning with us it is not just language but also cognition of Russian culture and customs.

Our Teachers:

  • Experienced and highly qualified specialists with profound experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language;
  • Like subtle psychologists they are able to listen and understand each, identify goals, desires, and expectations and choose the best learning program suited to the person;
  • Pleasant, responsive and creative persons. Learning with them is lively and agreeable;
  • Russian language is the native language of our teachers. Learning a language with native speakers is a real pleasure.

Our Centre:

  • The Centre is located in the heart of the Old Town of Vilnius.
  • Filled with comfort and heat - here you will always feel well.

Choose the curriculum:

To get some more information about the courses or sign in you should contact us by e-mail:

You can find us in the Russian Culture Centre.