Ceramics studio “White Elephant”

The Pottery Studio invites small children and school students to visit the classes on clay modelling and decorating. The classes are hold in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The atmosphere of games enables to overcome the language barrier and offers the natural communication. The clay modelling trains the fine motor skills of hands, promotes the development of language skills of a child, relieves the nervous tension and generates creative thinking.

The young sculptors will be able to:

  • Meet new friends
  • Learn to communicate Russian
  • Open their creativity
  • Make real their fantasies in art
  • Participate in Arts Exhibitions
  • Make a unique collection of own works
  • Make their own hands unique gifts for relatives and friends
  • Learn about pottery backgrounds
  • Master the technique of glazing and decor
  • Enjoy being creative in multicultural team
  • Have an interesting and funny time

Learning Russian in the process of artistic creativity will enable your children to extend their personal view of world in a harmonic and natural way and to realize the internal potential of their unlimited possibilities.