Youth Information Bureau

Association “Youth Initiative Group” is a regional non-governmental youth organisation established in 2004. Initially, the organisation was created as the one working with the youth belonging to national minorities in Lithuania; however, in few past years it has broadened the spectrum of its activities. There are several target groups at the moment:

youth belonging to ethnic minorities (with particular attention paid to the Russian-speaking youth);

youngsters with fewer opportunities (physical and mental dissabilities, social, economical problems, etc.);

each and every youngster of Lithuania.


To act for the good of the young people, improving their general competencies, creating a favourable environment for the process of improvement implementation, strengthening the potential of the organization, which ensures the high quality and the efficiency of the activity.


“Youth Initiative Group” is a team of young people, which is actively acting towards the personal and general improvement and empowerment of young people, creating dynamic space in the process of their work with the efficient learning within the frame.


1. (A1 – towards a person) Improve the general competencies of a young person.

2. (A2 – towards the environment) Create a favourable environment for the improvement of the young person.

3. (A1 – towards the organization) Strengthen the potential of the organization “Youth Initiative Group”.


1.1 Make conditions for the self-expression of the young person.

1.2 Promote the active civil position of the young person.

1.3 Organize educational activities (trainings, seminars).

1.4 Widen the world-view of the young person.

2.1 Represent interests of the youth of national minorities in the structures of Lithuanian youth politics.

2.2 Foster the culture of the national minorities in Lithuania.

2.3 Popularize youth activities and non-formal education.

2.4 Improve the image of the youth workers and youth organizations in the society.

2.5 Analyze the situation of Lithuanian youth and youth organizations.

3.1 Strengthen the competencies of the members of the “Youth Initiative Group” in order to improve the quality of its activity.

3.2 Form the active position of the “Youth Initiative Group” in the sphere of youth politics and youth work.

3.3 Collaborate with other youth organizations.

3.4 Strengthen the image of the “Youth Initiative Group”.

Association “Youth Initiative Group” collaborates with various funds, national institutions, youth organisations and unions of youth organisations from Lithuania, European Union and neighbour countries. Main activities of the organisation involve publishing, active citizenship, art, creativity, intellectual development and other.

Association has short-term and long-term projects; it also is a partner at many regional and international projects. Representatives of "Youth Initiative Group" often take part in working-groups concerning the development of the non-governmental sector in Lithuania.

Every young person can join “Youth Initiative Group”. There are special trainings arranged for the new members according to the sphere in which a person wishes to act.